A Torrid Affair

I learned something the other day and I decided to do something crazy. 

I learned that plus size for women is considered size 10 and up. Wwwhhhaaattttt? Currently I am a size 12…ish. I’m trying really hard to maintain a size 12. Five years ago I was a size 9. Ten years ago I was a 6. But now I have twins, so I’m reasonably happy as a 12, but I am aiming for a 10. But since when did a size 10 become a plus size? 

But before I found out this shocking news, a friend of mine told me she is applying for Torrid’s 2018 model contest. Without hesitation I said “I want to do it with you!” To be honest I’ve spent the last several days agonizing over this decision. It’s a lot of work, a lot of putting myself out there on social media. 

Here are my reasons for doing it: 

1) I’m constantly saying that there should be more realistic women on TV and in magazines, someone like me. So why can’t I do it? 

2) A day or so before I heard about this modeling application I got news that my highschool Pastor died. He was one of the best people I ever had a chance to know. He was real, his testimony was raw. He always said when he died he wanted it to be sliding headfirst into home plate and not on the sidelines. Why do I bring this up? I am a very calculated person. I rarely, if ever take chances. I don’t want to be on the sidelines anymore. 

3) My girls. I want them to know I went for it. Mommy isn’t a size 2 but she decided that at age 27 to apply to be a model. I want my girls to be strong and confident in their own skin and to not be afraid to TRY. 
If you want to be a part of this journey with me, follow my Instagram momofmultipleslife


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